In the jewelry industry, the original red ruby are resistance against the long and short-wave X-ray. Ruby is one of the most historically significant colored stones. Luck or wealth enters your life if you have a ruby gemstone. ruby ​​can be valued based on geographical areas. The world-famous rock Ruby with well-known criteria found in Burma. The signs to recognize stone is to pass through rock the rays UV.

What are the Important Features of Ruby?

In the jewelry industry,  the original red ruby are resistance against the long and short-wave X-ray
In the jewelry industry, the original red ruby are resistance against the long and short-wave X-ray

In international trade, a red gemstone is a Ruby ​​and other colors of it are called Sapphire and always associated with its color, hardness of the red Ruby stone is 9 Mohs that is why the stone is suitable for use in the jewelry industry and also has many applications in the field of jewelry.

One of the most important properties of sapphire is that it fills the heart with love and nurtures spiritual forces. Ruby increases personality growth, life expectancy, courage, and bravery. It gives independence to the human heart and removes fear and dread.

Red Ruby ​​stone is in grading the hardest mineral after diamonds hard as most minerals. Corundum may contain small amounts of impurities such as titanium, copper, manganese, chromium, and iron. Impurities within the stone create different colors like blue, yellow, purple, pink, orange, and red corundum.

The properties of the original red Ruby are its resistance against the long and short-wave X-ray and a symbol of luck, loyalty and wealth, and blessing as well as a symbol of love.

Among stones of the famous red Ruby ​​due to the properties of this gem, is most popular and valuable to most, and of precious stones in jewelry.

The red gem in sizes larger than five carats of diamonds worth more and among the jewels are known the sultan or king of stones.

This gem has different colors in terms of color, among which its red color is more popular and attractive to people. The red color in this stone is due to the presence of chromium in its structure.

Sapphire is another type of gem that has a darker color than the red type and is seen in blue. White and star Ruby are other types of this gem that everyone can choose one of the types of this gem according to their interest in colors and take advantage of its properties.

History of Ruby

Ruby is one of the most historically significant colored stones
Ruby is one of the most historically significant colored stones

The original origin of the “Ruby” is from ancient Greece i.e. huakinthos and has been translated from Arabic as” ruby” and from Middle Persian as”yakand” in Persian. Red Ruby ​​stone is one used in the jewelry industry. The Greeks believed that this jewel gives the owner particular advantages such as health, knowledge, wealth, and winning in the love. Also, they have believed, if a person holds with a pin this gem on the dress, it may give their life peace and intimacy, and if the soldiers hold this stone, the defeat can be evitable.

Symbolic Stone
Due to the importance of Ruby ​​and its beautiful color and appearance, it is very popular and attracts attention. The pure type of this stone is very bright, its color is like the blood of a red dove, and it can also be seen in other colors such as wine and purple. According to the Arabs, this gem also has yellow, blue, green, and white tones, but its main color, pomegranate color. The color red symbolizes love, patriotism, and anger and the colors of favorite children's warriors.

Are Properties of Ruby on Energy and Luck?

Luck or wealth enters your life if you have a ruby gemstone
Luck or wealth enters your life if you have a ruby gemstone

For those people born in July, the properties of Ruby has been considered as the birthstone of thousands of years ago. Some of the effects that this stone leaves on its holder are sincerity, joy, honesty, and courage. The ancient metaphysical and supernatural properties of this stone on the holder and owner of this stone who was born in July are vitality, self-confidence, and strength. 

Healing properties are also considered for the stone of July, which is related to cleansing and health of the blood, treatment of infection, and increasing positive thinking patterns. This red gem is also used to increase energy intake, generosity, prosperity, and success, and you can use these properties of Ruby ​​constantly by charging it with the methods mentioned for charging ruby.

  1. For hundreds of years, this stone has had the highest place in the myths and folk culture of countries, and kings used the properties of Ruby ​​as a spell and magic.
  2. It creates a sense of power in a person and if this power is not used properly, it may lead to anger or selfish thoughts.
  3. One of the properties of Ruby ​​is that it is a great stone to bring excitement to life.
  4. It helps to focus thoughts and brings clarity and wisdom to your life.
  5. It helps you to choose the most useful ways in life instead of jumping from branch to branch, and if you have a serious legal or personal problem, it helps you to get the desired result.
  6. To see it in a dream means that luck or wealth enters your life.
  7. Arab and Persian sages have said that a person who has this jewel with him will get rid of stomach upsets and give endurance and strength to the brain, as well as regulate blood circulation.
  8. Among the properties of Ruby ​​is its effect on the nerves and psyche and is useful for heart disease because its use prevents blood clotting and prevents stroke. (Use as a necklace) Regulating blood flow and improving the structure of the adrenal glands can be considered. It is useful for people with low blood pressure.
  9. Another feature of stone Ruby is that blood flow increases and the weakness of the body. The rock strength, power, life, courage, bravery, and positive thoughts strengthen it.
  10. The most interesting properties of Ruby and other types it is generally used permanently increased the awe, the glory as well as business income and livelihood in the.
  11. It prevents stress, insomnia and increases the love between couples. (Properties of Ruby ​​and other types)
  12. Infertility is a disease of the heart and blood cancer from the use of rock properties is ruby.
  13. The Ruby is a stone property with therapeutic value for women is considered that the benefits for women include: infertility, menstrual pain, and ease of childbirth.
  14. It is interesting to know that this gem is also recommended for the treatment of fever. Simply place a cleansed piece of this gem in the sixth chakra (third eye) or the palm of your hand. 

Pricing and value of asian ruby

ruby ​​can be valued based on geographical areas
ruby ​​can be valued based on geographical areas

Like other gemstones, it is valued using well-known criteria such as color, cut, resolution, and weight. Also, Ruby ​​can be valued based on geographical areas, which of course does not affect the properties of ruby. The most important factor that is considered in the valuation of jewelry is its color. This gem can be available in several colors, including pure red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. However, it should be noted that the main color of Ruby ​​is red and other colors are known as its secondary color, which may be the result of chemical changes.

Mines in Myanmar are the most famous Ruby ​​mines in the world. Although pigeon red bloodstones are found in the country's mines, most of the extracted stones are red, pink, red, and purple-red. 

Vietnam is also one of the most important countries in the extraction of this gem, where very old stones (about several million years old) are found. The colors of the rocks extracted from the mines of this country are mostly Burmese red-purple, pink purple, and red azure.

There are also rubies in Sri Lankan mines. The colors of the mined stones of this country are often bright red, raspberry red, and pink.

Thailand is also one of the sources of this gem. Normally, the colors of the mined stones in this country are dark red. In addition, most rubies resources in countries such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Madagascar, and Thailand are the finest of the valley in Myanmar extracted.

 The mining of this ore in Africa, Asia, Australia, and Greenland is present. With all these explanations, however, it should be noted that the properties of Ruby ​​have nothing to do with its country of origin, and you just need to have this precious gem with you to enjoy its benefits and properties.

The Largest Ruby Gemstones Found

The world-famous rock Ruby with well-known criteria found in Burma
The world-famous rock Ruby with well-known criteria found in Burma

The largest Ruby was ​​found in Burma weighs about 400 carats. The most famous stone, the stone with the name of “peace “weighing 43 carats, which is the date discovered in 1919 AD, coinciding with the end of the first world war that is, it is named after.

One of the big the world-famous rock Rubies is “Edvard Red Ruby “weighing 167 carats, which is currently at the Museum of Natural London is located.

Ruby Red Reeves (REVEES) weighing 138 carats in America kept. Ruby Red Long Star (LONG STAR) weighing 100 carats at the Museum of Natural New York as well as the most popular in the world.

Ruby Gemstone as a beautiful color and appearance for jewelry industry

Red ruby gems is most interesting stone in jewelry industry in West Asia. Ask Your Marketing Questions About West Asian Ruby

Ways to Identify the Original Ruby Gemstone

The signs to recognize stone is to pass through rock the rays UV
The signs to recognize stone is to pass through rock the rays UV

One of the signs to recognize stone is to pass through rock the rays UV, and a variety of prosthetic these properties are not ruby. In general, all precious stones and jewelry have a similar and counterfeit sample, which is much less expensive than the real sample. How to recognize the main type of counterfeit is one of the most important things that should always be considered when buying jewelry, which in the following section we will discuss three ways to identify it :

  1. Color and shine:
    One way to know the original ruby is a counterfeit of its color. The main type is bright and transparent in the light of lights, and this is a property of ruby, and in counterfeit stones, most of these colors are opaque. If the gemstone is dark red, it may be garnet. Check the solid red color of this gem everywhere, and if you find spots that are scratched and have a different color, it indicates that it is counterfeit.
  2. Compare Ruby ​​with a red glass: 
    Precious stones and other types are forged using glass. If the glass and stone were similar, you can see that the stone is fake.
  3. Try to scratch its surface: 
    Gemstones have a high degree of hardness, and as mentioned above, one of the properties of Ruby ​​is that only diamond and one other stone can scratch it. Using the same property of ruby, you can largely separate the original type from the counterfeit. Therefore, everybody and object, except for the above, if it can scratch it, it indicates that the stone is counterfeit, and counterfeit stones do not have this property of the original ruby.
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