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Syria is a country located in the Middle East and its geographical area is located in the northwest of the Arabian Peninsula. The capital of Syria is Damascus. The currency of this country is the Syrian lira and is known by the code SYP. The official language of Syria is Arabic and most of its people speak Arabic. The majority of the Syrian people are Muslim and there is a division between Shia and Sunni, and Christian, Alawite and other religious communities also live in Syria. Syria is a country with a mixed economy based on agriculture, industry, services and trade. The products that Syrian businessmen import and export to other countries include food products such as grains, oil and gas products, textile and clothing products, chemical products, metal products, electronic products and machinery, pharmaceutical products and other products. To contact Syrian businessmen, you can get more information through the Syrian embassy or consulate in your country. Also, visiting sites related to Syrian companies and business organizations, consulting with business and economic experts or using communication methods such as phone calls and emails can also help you get more information. This country has close trade relations with some neighboring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran. Also, Syria trades with some European and Asian countries.

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