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Economy and Opportunity to Export to Qatar


The most important mineral products of Qatar are cement, iron ore, sulfur, and nitrogen and its most important industrial products are gas, oil, ammonia, chemical fertilizers, and petrochemical products

Qatar has a robust and prosperous economy driven by its vast reserves of natural gas and oil

Qatar has a robust and prosperous economy driven by its vast reserves of natural gas and oil. The country has one of the highest GDP per capita in the world, and its citizens enjoy a high standard of living. Additionally, Qatar has invested significantly in infrastructure, education, healthcare, and other sectors, creating a favorable business environment. Qatar is actively working to diversify its economy and reduce its dependence on hydrocarbons. The government has implemented the Qatar National Vision 2030, which outlines a roadmap for economic diversification and sustainable development. This presents opportunities for exporters in sectors such as finance, real estate, tourism, transportation, technology, and more.

Qatar maintains strong trade relations with countries worldwide. The country seeks to diversify its trade partners and has signed various bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. Exporters from countries with trade agreements with Qatar may benefit from reduced tariffs, preferential market access, and enhanced trade facilitation. In addition, the presence of well-equipped ports such as Doha‎, Umm al-Saeed, and Zakaria has boosted trade and exports to Qatar. Also, the advanced transportation system, including modern airports, facilitates the transportation of goods to this country. Having numerous hotels and entertainment centers has also provided the travel of businessmen and merchants to this peninsula; which is a reason for the ease of Qatar's trade with Iran.

Qatar's gross domestic product in 2017 was reported at more than $ 184 billion and experienced a growth rate of about 2% this year. Being located next to the Persian Gulf has provided a good opportunity for the transit of goods to this country. Qatar is the only land border with Saudi arabia and has no other neighbors. Exporting to Qatar is one of the best opportunities for the Asian market. This is possible due to the good political relations between the two countries. Instead, the country has always had strained relations with neighboring Arab countries.

The small peninsula's political challenges with neighboring Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE have led to poor trade relations with them and sanctions by them. As a result, the only way of communication of this country leads to Iran. Even Qatari planes are allowed to fly over Iran. Therefore, the Qatari government is always trying to keep the trade relations between Qatar and Iran in the best condition. The lack of expertise in many fields has made it impossible to produce many industrial goods and many industrial goods and parts are imported to Qatar. So one of the suitable areas for export to Qatar is the industrial sector.

Qatar has an inflation rate of about one percent and an unemployment rate of 0.6 percent. The share of industry, services, and agriculture in GDP are 3.50, 5.49, and 0.2 percent, respectively. In 2017, Qatar's exports amounted to $ 52.3 billion and imports to $ 21.6 billion, which led to a trade balance of $ 30.7 billion. In 2017, Qatar's GDP was $ 166 billion and was $ 128,000 per capita. The most important mineral products of Qatar are cement, iron ore, sulfur, and Nitrogen and its most important industrial products are gas, oil, ammonia, Chemical fertilizers, and Petrochemical products.

Qatar's agricultural products include dates. The shortage of Food cultivation in the country and its major imports caused many Qatari citizens to flock to the stores for fear of food shortages, even after the Saudi embargo. From the above, we can conclude that Iran's southern neighbor has a unique opportunity and potential for the presence of Iranian traders and exports. One of the most important opportunities for exporting to Qatar is its maritime borders with Iran. Having a common border and neighborhood between the two countries can significantly facilitate trade and export conditions to Qatar.

Qatar has undertaken extensive infrastructure development projects to support its economic growth. Major infrastructure projects include the construction of transportation networks, stadiums, hotels, residential complexes, and commercial developments. These projects create opportunities for exporters in construction materials, engineering services, machinery, and related industries. Qatar is hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022, which has spurred significant infrastructure investments and increased demand for various goods and services. Exporters specializing in construction, hospitality, event management, sports facilities, security, and related industries can benefit from this major sporting event.

Qatar relies heavily on imports to meet its domestic consumption needs. The country imports a wide range of products, including machinery, vehicles, food and beverages, consumer goods, electronics, and more. This import dependency creates opportunities for exporters from various sectors to supply goods and services to the Qatari market. Qatar has established free trade zones such as the Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA) and the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC). These zones offer incentives and a business-friendly environment for companies looking to establish a presence in Qatar. Exporters can take advantage of these zones to set up operations and access the local and regional markets.

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