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Import restrictions:‎ An entry permit is required for food products of animal origin

Import restrictions:‎ An entry permit is required for food products of animal origin

The State Veterinary Committee ‎of Azerbaijan issues these permits. The import of special radioactivity equipment for use in the ‎oil industry requires a special permit.‎

Preparation of documents for import and export in Azerbaijan:‎
Importers of Azerbaijan must submit the following documents to the customs of that country: ‎‎

  1. Signed import contract
  2. Customs declaration specifying the imported goods.
  3. List of ‎goods
  4. Import permit from the relevant ministry if the consignment includes pesticides and ‎drugs
  5. Certificate of Origin
  6. Certificate of Origin
  7. Certificate of Quality of Goods.

‎Exporters of goods in Azerbaijan must also submit the following documents to the customs of ‎that country: 

  1. Document indicating the legal status of the issuing company
  2. Legal code of ‎the company determined by the State Statistics Committee
  3. The provisions of the contract
  4. ‎Certificate of origin of goods
  5. Document issued by a reputable bank indicating advance ‎payment or opening of documentary credit 6- License from the Cabinet of Azerbaijan if the ‎exported goods contain nuclear technology or explosives and also a license from relevant ‎ministries if the goods contain animal bones, medicinal raw materials, and precious stones, as ‎well as in the field of information transfer in the field of natural resources and inventions, a ‎license from the relevant ministry is required.
  6. Customs declaration. According to a ‎presidential decree issued in June 1996, the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations is legally ‎responsible for imports and exports. It is worth mentioning that the possibility of changes in the ‎export and import regulations of that republic is high.‎

Export controls in Azerbaijan:‎
The export of radioactive materials, some medicines for the mentally ill, and old traditional ‎carpets are prohibited. There are also restrictions on the export of new carpets. The government ‎also has a regulatory role for the export of strategic goods such as oil and Petroleum products, ‎cotton, electricity, and non-ferrous metals, and buyers of such goods must obtain a permit from ‎the State Commission for the Supervision of Foreign Economic Relation of Exporters of goods ‎in Azerbaijan are obliged to sell 30% of their foreign exchange earnings to the bank.‎

Major exported items from Azerbaijan:‎
Oil and gas, Chemical industry, oil equipment, textiles, cotton

Major imported items to Azerbaijan:‎
Machinery and parts, Food and textile industries

Free Trade Zones and Warehouses:‎
Free trade zones or customs warehouses have not yet been established in Azerbaijan, but a ‎special economic zone is being established in the country's second industrial city, Sumgit (25 ‎km north of Baku), and Nakhchivan.‎

Subscribe to trade agreements:‎
Azerbaijan is a signatory to the Tariff and Trade Agreement (GATT) and is considering joining ‎the World Trade Organization. Trade liberalization agreements have also been signed with ‎other CIS countries. Azerbaijan is trying to join the European Union.‎

Exemption from customs fees:‎
The following items are exempt from customs duties on imports of Azerbaijan: Property imported by foreign ‎employees of companies for the personal use of imported goods, materials, and technology ‎under agreements between countries, assets, and imported materials as the property of a foreign ‎investor to participate in joint ventures. Raw materials, spare parts, and equipment imported by ‎economic institutions for use in their products and humanitarian aid are distributed free of ‎charge.‎

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