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The largest reserves of diamonds in the country and the world are accessibl


Four factors of pricing the diamondsThe purity of gem diamonds (natural mineral)Natural diamond colorHow cutting diamondsLarge size and the weight of the diamond stoneTreasures of the diamond in the Middle EastAccording to the latest findings of the survey in the crust of the earth, the largest deposits of diamonds are hidden

Large diamond mines in then Middle East do not exist in the volume and capacity of large global mines

There have been no significant Diamond mines discovered in West asia (Middle East) thus far. The Middle east region is not known for its diamond deposits. The geological conditions necessary for the formation of diamond-bearing kimberlite pipes or other diamond-rich deposits are not prevalent in this region. Diamond mining is typically associated with specific geological settings, such as kimberlite pipes, alluvial deposits, or lamproite formations. Historically, major diamond-producing regions have been located in Africa, Russia, Canada, Australia, and other countries with suitable geological formations.

So far, economically, there has been no extensive exploration of Iranian diamonds in the country. Recently, diamond particles have been discovered in Sistan and Baluchestan province, which has increased the possibility of diamond mines in Iran. A limited amount of diamond powder and precious Stones have been discovered in the White Mountain area of ​​Saravan and Red Mountain in Sistan and Baluchestan province. The Geological Survey of Iran has no positive opinion in this regard but has not denied the existence of diamonds in the eastern regions of the country. According to this organization, the possibility of discovering large diamond mines in Iran with the capacity of large global mines is ruled out. However, some experts are optimistic about the possibility of diamond reserves in Iran, given the similarity of the region's lands with neighboring countries.

It is to mention that in the country of Afghanistan the reserves of diamonds and other Gemstones have been discovered. About the similarity of the layer of earth in the East of Iran and Afghanistan, the possibility of discovering deposits of diamonds in Iran as there is. India also from other countries in the region is that the mines of diamonds on the findings. Global Trade of the diamond in terms of the economy is much more valuable than other stones of the precious metals. Yet to be officially and extensively in the field of exploration of mining diamonds in Iran do not have. So far about 14 thousand species of diamonds are identified that in terms of quality and price are not equal.

  1. The purity of gem diamonds (natural mineral)
  2. Natural diamond color
  3. How cutting diamonds
  4. Large size and the weight of the diamond stone
  5. Treasures of the diamond in the Middle East

According to the latest findings of the survey in the crust of the earth, the largest deposits of diamonds are hidden. Diamond is net carbon that under the bearing pressure for millions of years form a transparent and brilliant gemstone. The largest reserves of diamonds in the country and the world are accessible. Results obtained from the radio waves and radiography of geo-systems of the earth are that the reserves rich in diamonds at depths of 145 to 240 kilometers lower than the surface of the earth in abundance. The world sits the mountain of diamonds, but the possibility of extracting it will not. In the current science on the world, a way to reach the mountain of buried diamonds is not found there. The largest mining diamonds only bit of the wealth enormous and that on the ground.

  • The biggest diamond discovery in the world in the mines of South Africa are including:
  • Cullinan diamonds with a weight of 3106 carats were discovered in the year 1905 AD.
  • A big diamond with a weight of 995 carats was discovered from the mine in South Africa.
  • Diamond with a weight of 530 carats that was well known with the name of Big African Star.

It's worth noting that the Middle East region, particularly the United arab emirates (UAE), has become a significant diamond trading and consumer hub. Dubai, in particular, has developed as a prominent diamond trading center and has a thriving Jewelry retail sector. The UAE serves as a major marketplace for diamonds, with a focus on trading, cutting, and polishing rather than primary diamond mining.

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