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The type of government and political structure of YemenIn Yemen, the president is the head of government who is elected by popular vote for a seven-year term

Trade balances in Yemen are about 14% higher than before, and growth in this area is considered acceptable

The conflict has caused a significant contraction in Yemen's GDP, as infrastructure damage, disruptions in production, and decreased investment have hampered economic growth. Yemen has experienced high inflation rates due to disruptions in the supply chain, reduced domestic production, and increased reliance on imports. The conflict has led to widespread job losses and limited employment opportunities, contributing to high unemployment rates and increased poverty levels. Yemen faces a severe humanitarian crisis, with millions of people in need of humanitarian assistance, including food, water, and healthcare. This crisis has strained the country's resources and further weakened its economic resilience.

The current account balance in Yemen is about 13 percent, while the current account balance to GDP has grown by more than 13 percent. The export and import system in Yemen has grown by 74%, and it is clear that the trade process in Yemen is being seriously pursued. Keep in mind that the situation of capital turnover in Yemen has also increased by 17%.  The state of Gold reserves in Yemen is about 1.60 tons (468.8 million dollars). The terrorism index in this country is more than 8.08 percent. The amount of foreign direct investment in this country is also expected to grow by 15%. Yemen's Crude oil production is more than 11 percent, accounting for 466.29 BBL. The truth is that Yemen's economic ranking is good, and it has a good structure in terms of trade.

The Yemeni rial has experienced substantial depreciation, leading to exchange rate volatility and making it difficult for businesses and individuals to plan and operate effectively. The conflict has placed strain on Yemen's banking sector, with disruptions to banking operations, limited access to financial services, and increased risks to financial stability. Yemen's political situation and conflict-related challenges have resulted in limited access to international financial institutions and development assistance, impairing the country's ability to address its financial needs.

Yemen's ranking of the government line has been seriously pursued, internet speed in this country has grown by 12%. Yemen's ease of doing business has grown by 18%. The country has reached more than 14% in its competitive index. The corruption index in this country is around 27 points. The rate of corruption in the country has also increased by 17%. The economic and trade situation in Yemen is more than 29% based on competitive indicators. Economic forecasts show that the country is facing a routine government situation.

Consumer spending is growing by more than 3% in Yemen, and it is clear that life in Yemen in general has taken certain approaches. The country's ranking in the field of communications has been more than 79 percent. Evidence shows that Yemen is growing by more than 19 percent in terms of social welfare. It is clear that the trade situation in Yemen is growing by more than 56%.

In Yemen, the president is the head of government who is elected by popular vote for a seven-year term. The president must elect the head of state. The head of the first government is the minister and is appointed by the president. The Senate has 111 seats, and its representatives are appointed by the president. The House of Representatives in Yemen has about 301 seats, and representatives in the country are elected by popular vote for a six-year term. Keep in mind that the political structure of Yemen has not changed in writing to date.

The conflict has disrupted trade routes, both within Yemen and with neighboring countries. Blockades, security concerns, and damaged infrastructure have hindered the movement of goods and affected the overall commercial activities in the country. The conflict and political instability have deterred foreign direct investment in Yemen. The risks associated with the conflict, including security concerns and uncertain political environment, have made international businesses cautious about investing in the country. The importation of humanitarian aid and essential goods has been a critical aspect of commercial activities in Yemen. International organizations and relief agencies play a crucial role in facilitating the importation and distribution of humanitarian supplies.

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