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The culture and laws of the Egyptian people


Political situation in Egypt is under control and the financial corruption within the companies has been minimized

Political situation in Egypt is under control and the financial corruption within the companies has been minimized

Progress in Egypt in administrative and Economical sectors
One of the most important sectors that can be developed in Egypt is the sectors related to administrative policies, the status of administrative policies in this country includes the items that have assessed certain gains and losses. The political situation in Egypt is under control and the financial corruption within the companies has been minimized.

The state of health care in Egypt has improved than before. The country's hospitals have often minimized the privatization aspect, and the cost environment has improved so that people can enjoy a good economic situation. Of course, the tax rate situation in Egypt in certain categories has taken more than 78% growth seriously. In Egypt, economic structures and growing sectors have been pursued in such a way that people can also enter the construction and architecture sectors. Architecture in this country depends on precise economic plans.

In the educational path as well as in the Egyptian educational institutions, it has been seen that industrial progress is pursued in such a way that individuals can create a better growth situation. The country's social security rate has improved in several ways in terms of economic classifications. Of course, the government has tried to keep the tax profit in this country to a minimum.

General laws in Egypt
As it is clear in the laws of Egypt, people can only ask someone their name once! In this country, you have no right to disrespect the existing beliefs and superstitions.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to influence politics.

In any case, there is a current in the laws of Egypt that may be a little strange from the point of view of the Iranian people, for example, the flag of Egypt indicates a deity to some people. Of course, the principles and laws of Egypt have shown that the language of Egypt is one of the most important parts of respect.

Exports to Egypt as one of the countries located in the Middle east is considered as one of the target markets for Iran's non-oil exports. Iran has a good exchange capacity with Egypt.

However, due to the turbulent political relations between the two countries, it has not been able to use its potential export capacity in practice. Serbia is located south of the Mediterranean Sea and west of the Red Sea. It is bordered on the west by Libya, on the south by Sudan, and on the Sinai Peninsula by Israel and the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

The capital of Egypt is Cairo and other important cities are Alexandria, Aswan, Giza, Fium, and Port Saeed. Egypt is the most populous country in the Middle East and the third most populous country in Africa. The Egyptian economy has one of the most diverse sources of income in the Middle East. Flax and clover are the two main export products of Egypt. Its major industries are cement, steel, wood, and Food industries. Egypt is known as the world leader in the production and cultivation of dates.

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