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What are the best qualities of Topaz and how does it determine?


The value of the stone depends on the cut, color, and sharpness of the stone‎

The value of the stone depends on the cut, color, and sharpness of the stone‎

Topaz Selection of cut and cutoff grade

A: Cut
Topaz slices are generally emerald, pear-shaped, and oval. These slices decompose natural Topaz ‎well and show its natural beauty. A well-cut topaz is bright, shiny, and reflects light. While emerald, ‎oval, and pear-shaped cuts are common for topaz, finding topaz in other shapes, such as hearts, ‎tears, and even in raw form with a carved pattern, can be found.‎

B: Cutoff grade
While buying a 10-carat Diamond can bankrupt a bank, topaz is not as expensive as diamonds, ‎but it is difficult to find large-sized topaz. However, carats do not determine the value of the Stone ‎but depend on the cut, color, and sharpness of the stone. Topazes of one or more carats have ‎little value and can be purchased online for a small price.‎

Uses of topaz in Jewelry are abundant.  
Topaz can be found in many styles and shapes, but it is important to find exactly what you want ‎because topaz is available in different colors and cuts. Some of the most common topaz ‎ornaments include blue topaz, which is often worn on Silver and usually on earrings and rings. If ‎you are more interested in yellow or orange topaz, you can often find it on gold. It is important to ‎choose the right topaz based on your needs. Due to the nature of topaz, it can be used without ‎fear of damaging other ornaments such as bracelets or rings.‎

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