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A variety of methods for improving and processing topaz color ‎


There are usually ways to improve topaz colors

There are usually ways to improve topaz colors
  1. Heating: The purpose of this work is to create a pink (in nature rare) color from Stones that are yellow, orange, or brown. This color change is durable and does not change color. It is impossible to detect.
  2. Irradiation: The purpose of this method is to produce dark blue Topaz Rocks because in nature this mineral is found in pale blue. This color change is as durable as the above method and its color does not change, it is usually indistinguishable.
  3. Diffusing color on the surface of the Stone (Diffusion): The purpose of this method is to produce different colors such as red, green, and blue. It is not durable because the color can be detected on the surface of the stone.
  4. Surface coating: The purpose of this method is to produce rainbow colors for fire topaz. This method is not durable and can be detected by scratching the surface of the stone.

Determining the originality of topaz stone from an artificial one

Original blue topaz
Stones that look like topaz are artificial sapphire, blue glass, artificial spinel. Sometimes, topaz is mistaken with stones such as citrine, aquamarine, tourmaline, brown quartz (smoky quartz). It is sometimes observed that citrine is sold as Brazilian topaz!

Note that when quartz stone is heated, it can change color and produce imitation green, yellow and other colors and hear it in the market as the original and natural topaz. Golden topaz is usually more expensive and it is better to buy natural topaz. So ask the seller for the 

identification of this stone!
A famous jewel called Braganza weighing in at 1.640 carats was thought to be a large, unique diamond. But later it turned out to be a colorless topaz!

Natural White Topaz Rough
The colorless topaz Gemstones that are mined to turn blue come mainly from Nigeria and Sri Lanka. ‎More than 99% of today's blue topazes are the result of heating a colorless species. There is no” ‎super” or " Swiss” blue garlic in nature. These gemstones first turn brown by coloring into colorless topaz ‎and then become a stable blue color by heat. ‎

Swiss Blue Topaz Ring
It is interesting to know that brown topaz loses a significant amount of its color under sunlight. The ‎color of most pink species is created by heat treatment of” cherry” colored stones and they are ‎called “Pinked or Fired Topaz”. The colorless type can be by method Aqua Aura (Gold vapor ‎deposition to coat the green-blue).‎

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