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How to maintain your Charoite gemstone?


The original and natural charoite has striped patterns and spots and Wash Charoite hot soapy water and a soft brush

The original and natural charoite has striped patterns and spots and Wash Charoite hot soapy water and a soft brush

This beautiful Stone can be easily cleaned with hot soapy water and a soft brush. Also, make sure that you do not use anything other than Charoite stone for washing or cleaning, and use a cleanser. Avoid strong chemicals. 

This stone should not be exposed to prolonged heat as it may cause permanent damage to it, so the use of steam cleaners for this stone is prohibited. Charoite Gemstones should be covered in a cloth box or wrapped in a soft cloth. This stone has a score of 5 on the Mohs hardness scale, so it should be kept away from precious Stones and other Jewelry to ensure that other precious stones do not scratch it.

The original Charoite can contain green patches or black eugenic patches or even orange patches due to the presence of tinaxite. Pay attention to the sheet texture and the black and green dots on the charoite. Since quality reserves of this stone are scarce, many substitutes can be seen in the sample market. For example, they often paint them.

However, in general, this stone is not expensive and its average quality is traded in one dollar per carat. Note that synthetic (artificial) charoite does not exist due to the complexity of its Chemical composition and apparently no special improvement is done on it.

The optical phenomenon in Natural Charoite
Natural Rough Charoite have a picture of a waterfall taken with a long exposure. The water looks frozen and almost solid for a moment. This is what Charoit always makes me think about. This is a mysterious, almost ghostly and truly enchanting feature.

To add to the unusual appearance of this gem, it also has a bit of color and radiance of the variable Chatvians. It is a light phenomenon that is reflected from the surface as soon as light hits the gem. 

It is more obvious in many other gems, such as chrysoberyl or alexandrite with cat's eye or tiger's eye, both of which have a greater chateau effect than charoite. Remind of a storm moving in the sky. It has a surreal, wavy and stormy appearance, unlike any other gem.

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