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Iraq is located in Western Asia and is bordered by Turkey to the north, Syria to the northwest, Jordan and Saudi Arabia to the west, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to the south, and Iran to the east. The capital of Iraq is the city of Baghdad and the currency of this country is the Iraqi dinar, which is known by the code IQD. The official language of this country is Arabic, but Kurdish and other languages are also used in some regions of the country. The majority of Iraqis follow Islamic beliefs, with a Shiite majority and a Sunni minority. This country is a big and potential market that is attractive for trade and investment. The main sectors of Iraq's economy include oil and gas industries, petrochemical industries, construction, agriculture, services and tourism. This country has rich oil and gas resources, and these industries serve as the main source of the country's income and exports. The products that Iraqi businessmen import and export to other countries include food products, industrial products, machinery, auto parts, electronic devices, and construction products. This country exports oil products, gas, petrochemicals, car parts, grains, dry fruits, rice, agricultural products and food to other countries. Iraq's biggest trading partners are Iran, Turkey, China, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. As one of the close neighbors and a major trade partner, Iran is one of the biggest trade partners of Iraq. The biggest source of income for this country is oil and gas exports. Other incomes of Iraq are obtained from agricultural products, petrochemical industries and tourist services.

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