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Do i requirement to seal natural rock tiles of Armenia?


Do i need to seal natural stone tiles of Armenia?

Armenian natural stone tiles for walls

Armenian Classic Travertine Slabs & Tiles
Dear sir/madam,  "Stone" LLC is a trading company mainly dedicated to consult, import & export of Natural Stone. We are located in the heart of the Caucasian Marble Industry. Our privileged location allows us to control personally the whole production process from the origin of the stone, in the quarry, to the final customer. We proudly cooperate and represent to some of the most important companies and quarries not only in the Caucasus, but also abroad in different European countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Finland. Setting productive collaboration with your Company will be an honor for us. Our wide range of sources allow us to deal with material very well known in the international market such us: Basalt, Tuffa stone, Gold Felsite (Armenian Golden Stone), Travertine, Limestone, Marble, Granite and etc. We may offer you searching & inspection of any kind of natural stone no matter of its origin. We are able to develop any kind of project due to the wide range of processing: starting from the simple tiles and blocks and completing that with very luxurious product.
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Our goals
In 2008 were purchased European stone-cutting machines for cutting tiles made of natural stone. In Armenia, there are many quarries of stone blocks of travertine, granite, basalt, marble and  felsite  but particularly is in-demand the  Armenian tuff. It is a beautiful building material combining lightness and strength with high decorativeness. The color scheme of Armenian tuff is very diverse-from light tones to black.
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