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What attributes make stones good Israeli construction elements?


What properties make rocks good Israeli construction materials?

Stones in construction materials of Israel

Israeli Construction Materials Suppliers and Manufacturers
Special Features : Water based paint, excellent workability. User and environment friendly. Displays the Green Badge of the Israeli Standards Institute. Uses : SUEDE is used to create a suede-like effect on walls. One of the 'Effects in Color', water based paints series. Easy application. Suitable for interior walls. Available in five fashionable shades, suited to the unique texture of this effect. Painted object : Walls Paint Type : Topcoat Package Size : 5 lit Gloss : Matt Calculated spreading rate [min] : 2.0 m2 Calculated spreading rate [max] : 3.0 m2 Touch Dry [max] : 30.00 h Waiting Between Coats - Hours : 1.0 Finnal Drying : 24 Thinner : Water Cleaning Thinner : Soap and Water Shelf life (months) : 24 * Practical spreading rate can vary depending on application conditions, the geometrical complexity of the structure, weather conditions, etc. Allow approximately 25% as a loss factor. ** Drying time at 25 deg. C and 65% relative humidity.
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Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Quarry Industry Denies It’s Monopolistic
Over the past 20 years, only five government tenders were issued for new gravel and chalk mines, and none of those five are still in operation today. At the same time, the sector here has undergone consolidation. Shapir Engineering acquired the Roichman quarries in 2005 and Readimix bought a full interest in Lime & Stone in 2008. As a result, three companies — Hanson, Shapir and Readimix—not only control 17 of the country's quarries, but also supply 65.6% of their production, including the West Bank. And their share of production from quarries within Israel proper, excluding the West Bank, is 83%, according to industry sources. Israel’s quarrying industry, which provides gravel and other raw materials to the construction industry and for infrastructure projects such as roads, is in the hands of a relatively small number of companies, enabling them to hike their prices, argue some of the consumers of the product. The industry itself pleads its innocence, though, saying it is a diverse industry with low profit margins.
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Jerusalem Stone
Our Jerusalem Stone should not be confused with other yellow or beige limestones from Israel or the West Bank, which do not have the same qualities.
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