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Afghanistan is a country located in the southwest of Asia. This country is bordered by Turkmenistan in the north and northeast, China in the northeast and east, Pakistan in the south and southeast, Iran in the west and northwest, and Tajikistan in the west. The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul. The currency of this country is the Afghani and is known by the code AFN. Afghanistan has several official languages, but Dari and Pashto are the most common languages in the country. The majority of Afghan people are Muslim and mostly belong to the Sunni sect. Also, minorities such as Hazaras and Tajiks can belong to other religions such as Ismaili Shia and Twelver Imam Shia. Afghanistan is an agrarian economy based on agriculture, small industry and influential services. The important economic sectors of this country include agriculture, farming, animal husbandry, mining, non-oil industry, financial services and trade. The products that Afghan businessmen import and export to other countries include agricultural products such as food products, textile products and clothing, mineral products such as precious stones and mines, industrial products such as machinery and household appliances, handicraft products and handicrafts, wood products and other products. This country has close trade relations with some neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Iran and Tajikistan. Also, Afghanistan has trade with some European and Asian countries. Some of Afghanistan's important trading partners include India, China, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan and Germany. This country has rich natural resources such as coal mines, gold, copper and precious stones. Also, agriculture, especially the production of products such as saffron, pistachios, grapes and pomegranates, also constitutes an important part of Afghanistan's income. Also, international aid, trade and financial services are also part of the country's income sources.

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