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Turkey has a strategic and very good geographical location and is considered a crossroads of Northwest Asia and Europe. Handicrafts refers to works, industries and arts, the whole process of making of which is done using hands and manual tools. Turkey's exports in 2018 in the competition compared to a year ago had a growth of 10.22 percent. The West Asian region has always been one of the important centers of handicrafts in the world with 14 countries, and it is one of the original and oldest industries in the Middle East

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Iran Sales offer #2735 from Iran 1 months ago
سنگهای ساختمانی ، سنگهای قیمتی و نیمه قیمتی و شهاب سنگ هاIranian art and craft supplier and exporter to Turkey
Oman Advert #2725 from Oman 1 months ago
I have white jadeiteOmani art and craft supplier and active in Turkey
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Ataturk International Airport is the 11th busiest airport in the world and many Turkish airports are in very good condition and the number of passengers is very high. Traditional industries and handicrafts still play an important role in the economy of all Asian countries. Turkey exports the most to EU countries and the use of Turkish products is very common among the countries of the world. Islamic lands, despite the diversity in customs and culture, each has formed a unique artistic heritage, which is collectively known as Islamic art

To which countries is Turkey exporting the most?
To which countries is Turkey exporting the most?

2. England One of the largest products in the top of Turkish exports to the UK is automobiles. Of course, exports to the UK do not only include cars, but also home appliances, furniture, textiles, and clothing. Consider that Turkey could export up to $ 11 billion this year.

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